Fun Facts About HairFun Facts About Hair

Don’t get yourself into a hairy situation without the knowledge necessary to maintain beautiful strands of hair.  Prepare to learn a few interesting hair facts in the information below. Use this information to impress your friends, to maintain beautiful hair and to feel good about yourself.

Fun Fact One: Trimming Your Hair Won’t Make it Grow

One of the oldest myths in the book that so many people still believe that cutting your hair causes it to grow. That is not true. What is true, however, is that healthy hair grows faster and longer than unhealthy hair, so hair cutting berkeley does benefit your hair in a plethora of exciting ways.

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Fun Fact Two:  A Time to Shed

Everyone sheds 50 – 80 strands of hair each day all throughout the year. But, did you know that hair shedding worsens during the spring? This fun fact is one that you can surely impress your friends with!

Fun Fact Three: Women Have it Better

Women’s hair grows more rapidly than men’s hair. This is one reason it’s so much easier for women to grow long, lush hair than it is for men to achieve the same locks.

Fun Fact Four: Genetic Information

A lot of things about us are genetic. Did you know that hair color is genetic? So is the graying effect. So, if your parents had gray hair young, you can expect to do the same. Prepare for hair coloring 101!

Fun Fact Five: More Hair on Your Head

They say that blondes have more fun and while there is nothing that can prove this opinion, what can be proven is that blondes have more hair on their heads than people with brown, red, or black hair!

Fun Fact Six: Beer Rinse

Rinse your hair with beer and it will instantly increase volume and length, so they say. Sadly, it’s a myth and those hobs won’t even give your hair a buzz in exchange for its time. Don’t’ do it!